Friday, 16 June 2017


Good Morning/Atternoon/Evening lovely people

'tis Friday 

First up, a visit to the theatre, last Friday with hubby, we'd bought the tickets ages ago to see the Shakespeare play - Julius Caesar.  I'll be honest we weren't expecting to enjoy it quite as much as we did, predominantly because we thought it would be wall to wall political speeches (not that we haven't heard enough of those recently), anyway it was far from it, a fast action play set in modern day and as relevant today as ever before!

Hubby sneaked a photo of the set before the play began.  By the time we came back from the interval there were hanging 'bodies' and rubbish everywhere following what was in effect a revolution!

As it was a date night out - we enjoyed a beverage - you can see the Julius Caesar poster in the background

We had a fabulous night, thoroughly enjoyed it, we even bumped into one of hubby's cousins and his missus - which was lovely! 

The sky was beautiful when we got out, a shot of the Cathedral shows the beautiful sky

And the other end of the Cathedral with its modern rebuild following the bombing in the second World War, it is a beautiful Cathedral

Next amazing happy of the weekend, lil bro asked lil soon to be sister in law - to marry him!  We were all bowled over as it wasn't expected and yes she said yes!  So pleased for the two of them

Next up a painty workshop with my Mum at the local Craft shop with Tracy Scott, it was lovely Mum and daughter time. 

We finger painted

And then I did some in my journal

and then I did a bit more

Here is my Mum showing that she too is very good at finger painting!

We got to use the new Tracy Scott PaperArtsy stamps

We continued adding layers of paint and stamps and gold paint and dribbles and well you get the drift

and then we masked over - although I only masked one side

I learnt the art of scribbling - who new something so simple could be so effective!

whilst I was enjoying the painty day - said 16 year old had managed to get himself a day's work - together with a pay packet at the end of it, hopefully this will turn into more days later in the summer! 

Whilst hubby was on with building this

The week has fair tripped along, we had a rather cross teenager on our hands after the maths exam on Tuesday - actually cross doesn't come close, the new 9-1 exam in higher tier left him highly frustrated, we are just praying he gets the grade he needs for college - keep your fingers and toes crossed.  

I had the joys of watching him come in each day and cross through his exams

I enjoyed beans on toast in the middle of the week - it's the simple things in life, with HP brown sauce - nom

As well as all of the above, I've worked and worked and a bit more work, but today I'm going to put work down and try and enjoy some of the simpler things in life.  I hope you've all had a truly beautiful and blessed week. 

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back and link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 9 June 2017


Morning all, time to take stock and identify the positives/silver linings etc.

Well I'm going to apologise in advance, the photos aren't thin on the ground this week they are quite frankly non existent, blame long work hours, poor weather and a blink and miss it type week.  However, I have a few positives to remind myself of

Said 16 year old and his work ethic, he has quite literally just been getting on with things, which is lovely, taking time to revise, attending classes where necessary, clearing his room so it looks less hazardous, going out on his bike to get fresh air and exercise, having a tidy one of the days to make the house more manageable - so that's all a big positive.

Next up school responding efficiently and effectively to an issue I had, said 16 year old rolled his eyes, but I was mighty cross at the time.  Thankfully it has now been dealt with and the effect should be positive for the entire year.

A catch up with family on Monday albeit brief for my little sister's birthday - and yes I know that was the golden opportunity for a photo and yes I missed it.  However, it was fab touching base with her, my Mum, my niece, my brother and his girlfriend.  My Mum fed us which was grand and we had a lovely couple of hours catching up.

A catch up on facebook with school friends as well, always a blessing, we are hoping to have a get together soon!

And that my lovely people will have to be my lot this week I'm afraid.  I promise to take more photos this week to share with you.  Hopefully you will have had an awesome week with loads to share with us, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up!

Friday, 2 June 2017


Welcome to the first post of June and the 22nd of 2017 when we celebrate what is 

First up a fabulous celebratory mass and award ceremony at school for said 16 year old, who has now been officially stood down for study leave.  I must admit to feeling a little emotional during the service.  

Next up is a big thank you to one of his friends for his invite on Friday night, it was a fabulous way to wind down after the leavers' celebrations! 

Here he is before we set off. 

Next up is the journey home, having collected him at 11.45pm - we decided a trip to McD's on the way home was called for - this was just gone midnight and it was still 15 degrees as you can tell from the clock!

Saturday morning and he was treated to breakfast in bed, I did tell him not to get used to it! 

I managed some scrapbooking - yay!  I mean YAY!  

A long time coming, all layouts from said 16 year old's trip to New York in February 2016 (yes I am that far behind on the scrapbooking front). 

So first up a group shot in Grand Central station

Then views off the top of the Empire State building

Then shots of Time Square

And finally the half face selfie in Time Square

We enjoyed some blue sky days, in fact a little too much, I managed to get my shoulders burnt on Saturday, I honestly hadn't realised, I did early evening I can tell you!

We enjoyed a glass of white out on the decking after a very busy day working in the garden, which feels like it is taking forever to sort!

We even managed an impromptu barbecue Saturday evening, nothing major, a pack of burgers and some baps

Sunday and we enjoyed a bottle of red, the garden looking more like Steptoe & son at the moment! 

The cloud coverage was welcome on Sunday when it finally arrived

Bank holiday Monday and a day of rest as it rained which resulted in some of the aforementioned scrapbook layouts. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were very busy days at work as usual and then Thursday I headed to the other job which is by the canal, this is a view from one of my colleague's desk, isn't it lovely, although it is a little warm in the boat house at the moment.

And here we are on Friday morning again, I'm trying to do this really early and schedule it to post at 8am, so it is a little more timely than previous posts over the last couple of weeks.

I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back and link up and we can come and visit.